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As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is not only our Savior, but He is our Lord. With the acknowledgment of this; "Christ The King" (CTK) is a declaration that Jesus Christ is King and Lord of every aspect of our lives.


Placing all trust in Him we know that all things work together for our good and for His Glory. Seeking first GOD's Kingdom striving to be better men and women for the sole purpose of Glorifying Jesus Christ. So therefore we live a life answering the call of GOD; sharing the message and love of Jesus Christ to others as His Chosen Generation, Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation & Peculiar People.

-(1 Peter 2:9)


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– G.E.N.E.

(aka GOD's Evangelist Neutralizing the Enemy)

Solist of the band

Christ The King mixtape

"...it is only him who deserves all the Glory. JESUS CHRIST  the King. "

"Story Behind the Christ The King mixtape: "

1 Peter 2:9, GOD has called us to be royalty and its through Jesus Christ we have the

Victory over every problem, issue and circumstance. We are a great people because

we serve a great GOD. And it is only him who deserves all the Glory. JESUS CHRIST

the King.

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Christ The King

“I operate on the Three P principle: (Party, Praise, Purpose) We Party because we are celebrating our new abundant life with Christ, we Praise God for this life and sending his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and we have Purpose, which is to be a witness for God spreading the message and love of Jesus Christ.”


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